Dolce Agogia

An elegant restaurant to taste the flavors of the Lake

Our dining style

 We will welcome you with a sweet and relaxing atmosphere in our restaurant “Dolce Agagia,” to make you comfortably experience the savors of the Polvese Island, because to us sitting at a table is a noble value of convivial encounter.

Our philosophy

The flavors of our dishes are authentic and sophisticated, and represent an original value.
Our mission is to recreate the traditional smells and savors linked to our lakeside places, in line with the Eno gastronomic history of the Umbrian territory.
This pleasant commitment of ours is, for your welcome, today harmonized with present-day canons and styles of life.
We take much care of the emotional aesthetics and of the colors which will widen your dream-like experience in our restaurant

The chef

I always dreamt of being able to dedicate my creative energies to build moments of peaceful conviviality.
I am used to thinking about every little detail, to looking in Umbria and in the surroundings of the Lake for what is cultivated and fished with care, so that the flavor and smell of our agricultural and wine-sector landscapes can be brought to your table.
My long experience has taught me to always pursue the best research for quality, both when I had the privilege to serve great personalities but equally considering every Guest the most important person.
I started perceiving these values since I was a child, when I learnt to first mix and combine different flavors.

Our dishes

Every day you will find our traditional lines, declined from winter to summer, but we will always make you taste something particular thought out for you.
I dedicate my time to the always new creation of dishes, thinking about how to satisfy the tastes of Guests.
Mine has been a wide, heartfelt research from the main course to desserts passing through peculiar flavors connected to the earth and the lake.
But my passion has also pushed me to formulate for you minor but unique delicacies which will form unforgettable memories in your mind.
My place of origin with eyes glancing at the shiny water of the lake, has inspired in me a strong passion for every declination of fish in the kitchen